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Using this website


1. Introduction

This UK Screening Portal website brings together lots of information for professionals and the public on:

  • The UK National Screening Committee, including all its screening policies
  • The principles and practice of health screening
  • Screening programmes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

It was launched on 16 April 2009.


2. Welcome from Dr Anne Mackie

Watch an introduction to the website from the UK National Screening Committee Director of Programmes, Dr Anne Mackie.


3. Help with the website

The image below shows the front page (click on it to make it larger) with the key sections labelled A-K. Each section is then explained.

  • A: Click to see public information translated into other languages
  • B: Use the 3 'a' links to make the website text larger and easier to read; the other links allow you to print out the current page, email a friend with a link to the current page and add a bookmark to this page in your web browser
  • C: The graphical banner
  • D: This navigation bar allows you to move between the main pages on the website. The text under the navigation bar is called a 'bread crumb trail' - it shows your path to the current page and allows you to retrace your steps
  • E: Use the search box to search to any word or phrase across this website and all the English screening programme websites
  • F: The news box shows you the 4 most recent news items; click on a headline to read the full story. Click on the News heading to go to the news archive. Click on the Press Office link to go to the press office page to see contact details and press releases
  • G: This area highlights key information for the public; click on the heading or the image to find out more
  • H: This area shows key resources for professionals; click on the heading or the image to find out more
  • I: Information from the UK National Screening Committee's database of screening policies. Use the links to view all the policies, or just those being reviewed or consulted on at the moment.
  • J: Visit NHS Choices for general information about health and diseases
  • K: The contact us link provides information about contacting the UK National Screening Committee. If you have an account on the website, the log in link allows you to access private pages

4. Videos

To view video clips on this website, you will need to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed on your computer. If you can't see the video, you can install the latest version of this from (it's free).

Videos are initially shown as a black rectangle (like the one of Dr Anne Mackie, above). When you move your mouse over the rectangle, a grey strip will appear at the bottom containing some icons. On some pages the clip will start to play automatically, on others you will need to click on the play () icon.

To pause the clip, click on the pause () icon. To replay the clip, click on the stop () icon and then on the play icon again.

Most clips have sound, so make sure you have speakers connected to your computer (and that they are plugged in and switched on) or that you are using headphones.

Please note that we strongly recommend that you have at least a 4MB internet connection when accessing viewing videos (with lower bandwidth connections, you may find the video clips do not play smoothly).


5. RSS Feeds

 This website uses RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") feeds to allow you to subscribe to the latest news. This means that you can keep in touch with the website without actually having to visit the site itself.

In order to subscribe, you'll need some software called a "news reader" on your computer. This will manage your subscriptions to this website, as well as any others you're also interested in. There are many different news readers depending on what sort of computer you use. Many of them are free. Google Reader is one that you can use through your web browser. If you search online, you'll find many others.

Once you have subscribed, the RSS feed will provide access to the last 3 months' worth of news stories.

The address of the RSS feed is


6. Logging in

If you have an account on the website then you can log in by clicking on the log-in link in the bottom right of the page.

Enter your user name (which will be your email address) and your password and then press 'log-in'. A new tab called 'Extranet' will appear to the left of 'Help' in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

An extranet is basically a set of private web pages, like a company intranet, but that can be accessed more widely across the internet. The extranet on the UK Screening Portal provides information for staff who work for the UK National Screening Committee and the 8 national screening programmes.

If you don't have an account but think you should have then please contact us, using the General Query option.

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